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In 2007, I was faced with a challenge - either continue secretarial work or try something new.  My mother, sisters-in-law and I had a mini spa day and in the middle of my massage, it occurred to me that giving relaxation and stress relief was a nice thing to do for another person.  So I investigated some massage therapy programs and enrolled.  After graduation, only myself and one other student passed the State exam.  A few months later, in July 2009, I began working with a very popular day spa in Fort Lauderdale.  I am available for private housecalls on  Sundays.  Prior to massage therapy, I worked as an administrative assistant in trading floor environments on Wall Street. I returned to Florida from New York in 2007.  With that background and exposure, I believe that it takes more than just great technique to be successful as a massage therapist.  It's important to listen to the client, address her needs, charge a fair price, and earn referrals and repeat business.  It's equally important to not be all things to all people.  While many people come to the spa for pampering, some also have muscle issues.  By far, the highest demand is for shoulder and neck work, so I've focussed my continuing education on learning  how to treat the shoulder girdle.

My aim is to open my own spa, so in the meantime I'm building my private client base and taking advantage of seminars.

When I approach a client on my massage table, I begin by making sure she’s comfortable. Taking long, slow deep breaths helps the body begin the relaxation process. If any touch or pressure is uncomfortable, my client is at ease to let me know so I can adjust according to her preferences.  Until I'm familiar with your personal likes, I'll check in with you periodically to make sure the pressure being applied is what you were hoping for. 

I use only natural, botanical lotion, cream and oil, preferably organic when available. LOTUS TOUCH® Organic Naturals is a staple in my tool bag because I believe in the quality of their products. My table is sturdy and comfortable and will accomodate most people.  I'm proud to say it was built in the USA.  In my bag are soft, white flannel sheets.  On my table and face rest are a fleece pad and cover. 

As well, some causes and professions are close to my heart.  Check out the SPECIAL DISCOUNTS page to see if you can get one!

At, I pride myself in customer satisfaction.  Get in touch with me today.  I am in the Hollywood, Fla. area and serve Broward and Dade.





Clean, soft and warm sheets  





What you should know about me:

Most recently, I joined a trade association for bodyworkers and cosmetologists, Hands On Trade Association, which was created by the founders of Massage Magazine.  I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood, Fla. in May 2008. Only myself and one other student went beyond graduation to pass the National Certification exam and to obtain state licensure.  While still in school, I began building my book of private clients by offering free massage. Many clients remain with me.   You can now hear from them on the Client Testimonials page. Soon, I'll also include some of their tips for getting the most out of your massage experience on the TIPS page.

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