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Massage for Improved Productivity & Stress Management
Corporate Wellness Program

A 1992 article in the Financial Times claims a company based in Ontario, Canada, reported a 25 percent decrease in time off for work-related injuries, and a $200,000 decrease in compensation claims after it implemented a massage therapy program.

John Hasmonek is a certified public accountant and partner at Ronald J. Borden & Company, a Chicago-based accounting firm that offers employees monthly on-site massage therapy. The company began offering the benefit about a decade ago in response to extremely long work hours during certain parts of the year, especially tax time.
“Our people get tired,” explains Hasmonek. “So, we decided to offer them a massage in the office once a month in order to give them a little break to see if it would increase their energy levels. And it has. It has increased their morale even more than we anticipated.”

“People really look forward to that monthly massage.” Debbie Jordan, an administrative assistant at the firm, speaks highly of the program. “We brag about it,” she says. “I’ll go to the health club, and I’ll tell people that the massage people are coming Monday. They can’t believe it. They’re very jealous. They say ‘that’s a nice perk you have from your employer.’” (

Your employer can offer a reasonably inexpensive benefit that:
• Improves productivity
• Decreases time off
• Reduces injuries
• Alleviates pain
• Releases tension and stress
• Generates goodwill and higher morale among staff
• Requires a modest time commitment and little space
• Can be paid either by the employee, employer or a combination of both

Sample Set Up
Mondays and Thursdays 10:00 – 2:00
Employees can sign up on a designated sign-up sheet
Employee receives a 20 minute session of Swedish massage
Employee pays $25, Employer pays $5 per session (gratuity is discretionary)
Employee can save $5 if she/he brings her/his own sheets
Employee can opt for Deep Tissue, Bamboo Fusion, Hot Stone or Combination massage for upcharge
Employee can sign up for future appointments to maintain wellness and stress management

Imagine yourself having a little 20 minute break to get centered or have knots worked out right at work!  How much more productive and clear-headed would you be?  Have your benefits manager email or call 754-244-9180 for more information.  Let's make this happen!

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