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Springtime is a glorious time of renewal!  Northerners especially know how enlivening it is to see Nature come back to life after a long, cold winter.  What gives my heart a warm feeling is my client's response to receiving my signature Cielo Azul (Spanish for Blue Sky).  I'd love to help you feel renewed, so for the month of June, Cielo Azul is on sale!  Read on for a description of this unique 90 minute service.


90 min - You'll immediately begin to unwind with deep relaxation techniques designed to quiet your mind.  Choose an antiaging or antioxidant face mask.  Melt tension with Swedish massage, and balance your energies with foot Reflexology.  Complete the experience with a pampering back exfoliation.  Regularly $175.  June Special $150

Would you perform better throughout the day if only you could get a regular good night's sleep?
Massage alleviates insomnia!

Would you get a good night's rest if only something could make your muscle tension just go away?
Massage alleviates muscle tension!

Would you get a regular massage if only you could afford it?
A daily cup of cafe latte adds up to more than a monthly Swedish massage!

Would you get a regular massage if it were in the comfort and privacy of your own home instead of a massage membership "factory"?
I make house calls in the Hollywood area!

Does a disgruntled massage therapist turn you off and ruin your experience?
I work for myself and I love what I do!  Recreating a tranquil spa experience in your home is my chief aim!  See what a difference I make by reading my clients' testimonials at

Would having a punctual and experienced massage therapist come to your door make a difference in your quality of life?
I show up 15 minutes ahead of your appointment time so that I can set up and be ready to rock and roll ON TIME.  I've been in professional practice since 2009.  Your hassle-free stress relief is my goal!

Does having a trustworthy professional in your home matter?
I have clients who have been calling on me since I was in school in 2008, and their steady flow of referrals is proof positive that I can be counted upon!

How much would you love to tell your friends that you have your own massage therapist who comes to your home?
Bragging rights are PRICELESS!

And so are YOU!  Make massage with me an integral part of your overall wellness strategy and watch the rest of the year open up to you!

See what satisfied clients have to say on the testimonials page.  

My name is April and I've been providing stress and pain relief with massage since 2009.  Relief is just a phone call away.   754.244.9180

Let the world take a hike for a little while, as you get centered, grounded and relaxed (with a little help from me).



This could be you!  Carpe diem.

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