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I strive to arrive to your location up to 15 minutes ahead of your appointment.  This allows ample time for table-set up and for first time clients to complete a Confidential Client Intake form.

Try to keep your appointment. Life isn't perfect.  Things happen. If you can’t keep your appointment, please call me with as much notice as possible, preferably at least 24 hours.  Someone else may be on a wait list for your original time slot.  I've been blessed with great clients who are eager to receive my massage.  For that reason, I do not have a cancellation fee policy.  Hopefully, no events will occur in order for me to reconsider this policy.

If my schedule permits, your massage session begins when you get on the massage table.  This is a fundamental difference from any spa's policy.  A spa hour is 50-55 minutes maximum, and it begins at your appointment time whether you're there or ready or not.  I give a 60-minute hour.  Please be as close to ready as possible.

Be showered and clean. I arrive in a good state of hygiene, because I want you to enjoy your experience. Soap and water will take care of just about everything I can get on my hands, but I really don’t want schmutz trapped in my sheets to present to my clients.

Please do not have powder on your skin.  When it mixes with oil, lotion or cream, it makes a pasty goop on your skin.

Young children have a fairly short attention span.  A half-hour will usually suffice, but this short time frame will mean at least a half-hour massage must be booked for the parent/guardian as well.  By Florida Statutes, a parent/guardian MUST be present in the massage environment for the duration of the massage of a child.  I have to be a stickler on this policy. 

I love animals, but I've noticed that each has its own personality.  Cats will tend to watch a massage with mild curiosity from a safe distance.  Dogs are different.  TRUE STORY: A client had a dog who tried to hump my leg during the massage.  Eyes covered and closed, the client was oblivious.  The dog, luckily, felt equally amorous toward a hot pink pillow.  I lured him out of the room with the pillow and closed the door.  No dogs in the massage environment please.  I love dogs, but I'm not "in love" with them.

Room Temperature
The ideal room temperature for me is 72-74 degrees Fahrenheit.  As my body temperature increases, yours will decrease.  If 72-74 is going to be too chilly for you, I bring a blanket to maintain your warmth and comfort.  My table also has 10 heat settings.

7' x 10' or more is ideal.

The State Board frowns on the use of lit candles in the massage environment.  If you have a favorite, please take every precaution to make sure it's quite clear of the table and my movements around it.  I'm not coming to burn your house down.

Do not be high. Massage will not enhance your high. It will make you sick to your stomach. If I suspect a client is under the influence of some intoxicant, I will not perform the massage.

Sexual Misconduct
I do not do “happy endings”. I’ve already been asked, and the answer is always “No”. If that’s what’s on your mind, try your luck with somebody else. Otherwise, we’ll get along just fine.

What happens if a male client gets an erection during the massage? I do not get hung up over the body’s natural processes. As long as my client on the table does not act on it, it’s not a big deal. It can be the body’s natural parasympathetic nervous system reaction to a state of deep relaxation. That said, no I don’t want to see it, meet it, greet it or touch it. An inappropriate behavior on the part of a client will terminate the massage. An erection, in and of itself, does not qualify as inappropriate behavior.

Acceptable forms of payment include US cash and all major credit cards. 


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